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Inspiring Torah Observant believers to thrive as peculiar people in a modern world.

● live like Yeshua ● become more self-sufficient ● keep Torah at work ● pursue clean living ● build strong community ● hear uncut talks with teachers ● explore science + history that support the Truth


Meet the HOST

Luke Abaffy is an award-winning journalist, writer and documentarian whose works include: The Way and The Christmas Question documentaries and The Truth: Reformation 2.0, an apologetics book.

Between documentaries, he built a 386-sq-ft, off-grid tiny house in Ohio, where he lives with his wife Kayte and 3 kids. You can find his work at:


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THE WAY documentary tells the story of countless believers around the world who’ve traded Easter ham for Passover lamb and Sunday church for Saturday Sabbath – all in an effort to live like their Savior. DVD, Digital Download and 10 hr, 3-disc Extended Edition available now!

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THE TRUTH: REFORMATION 2.0 is a light-hearted, hard-hitting apologetics book from the creators of The Way documentary. It’s the first book of its kind to offer systematic, biblical answers to every mainstream Christian objection to Torah observance. (Paperback, eBook and FREE 40-page preview available!)

TRUTH TRACTS are a tool designed to hand out to those around us who want a concise look at why we live like Yeshua. Each centered around one key topic (Sabbath, food, holidays, Israel and tzitzits), TRUTH TRACTS use stories and Scripture to remind Christians that once we’re saved by grace through faith, we’re called to do and teach the lifestyle instructions of God, His Torah.

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ABOUT OUR GUESTS: We select podcast guests because we believe they have something of value or of interest to say to our community. Having a guest on the show is not an endorsement of that person’s entire set of beliefs. So listen for what’s inspiring, helpful or edifying and spit out the rest 🙂 We think you’ll love hearing these conversations!